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We have a really classic casino game that has been around for a really long time. This table game has been in its current form since the 19th century. Today, roulette, or small wheel as it is called in French, is really popular and is available in several different variants, such as French, European, American, VIP, automatic, yes the list can be made long! You can play against a computer or against a croupier in a live casino. The sessions are short, and the excitement is high! So what is this table game about? Read more about playing roulette online in our guide. Of course, we also give you some tips on good licensed casinos that offer the opportunity to play roulette online.

In roulette, a game table is used that is provided with a pattern, numbers and French words. Next to it is a wheel with different numbers and numbers that are either red or black. When the wheel is rolled, a small ball is thrown down and when it finally lands on a number/number, the croupier will announce the number, and then distribute any winnings and clear the table of losing chips.

If you play in a live casino, you can sometimes be met by a roulette table without a croupier, but instead, there is an automatic roulette machine that keeps a steady pace on the games. You can read more about live roulette later in our article. Due to its fast pace, roulette has become a popular table game both among those who play on the computer and those who play on the mobile phone. The rules are easy to understand and the tension is high. You can play without betting but also play roulette for real money – but more on that in a little while! The popularity of roulette has meant that today you can find several different versions of roulette both when you play against the computer or in the live casino.

Online gaming is now attracting more and more players. Therefore, there are also special forms of games for those who prefer to bet larger amounts when playing at roulette casinos. Another thing that characterizes this type of roulette casino is a slightly more luxurious atmosphere. In this type of game, the layout can be quite different from classic roulette. If you want to experience the classic game in a new form, this type of game may well be worth checking out.

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