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Pai Gow Poker is a game created in America. The game is inspired by a popular game in Asia, which is played with dominoes. In Pai Gow Poker, the player plays against the bank. Special about this game is that there is a joker in the game. In the Netherlands, the game is offered in a few casinos. You play Pai Gow Poker at a table that is somewhat similar in size to the Blackjack and Straight Punto Banco tables. The game uses one deck of 53 cards. That’s because the joker is part of the game. The ranking of the combinations is the standard that is used for almost all poker games. However, there is one more combination, which is the one that includes a joker. In the following overview you will find the poker combinations for Pai Gow Poker.

At Pai Gow Poker you are dealt seven cards, with which two combinations must be made. When betting, the five-card combination (bottom) must be stronger than the two-card combination (top). In case of a wrong sort, if the combination above is stronger than the one below, the hand is invalid. In land-based casinos you lose the bet. If you play Pai Gow Poker in an online casino, a missort will not occur. If you try that, you will get an error message, which will only disappear if you put the cards correctly in order.As with many slot games, a round of play at Pai Gow Poker is divided into three parts. It starts with the bet, then the game follows and finally the Showdown determines who wins and loses.

Place Bet
Before you are dealt any cards, you as a player must decide how high you want to bet for a round of play at Pai Gow Poker. The bet is subject to limits set by the casino. You can find the minimum and maximum bets on the signs next to the gaming table. When you play online, the software ensures that your wagering remains within the standards set by the casino.

Determining The Order Of Sharing
At Pai Gow Poker, it matters which player gets their cards first from the dealer. This was previously determined with the help of a special die. It is still used in some land-based casinos. Some casinos work for selecting the first player for Pai Gow Poker with three dice in a cup. But a digital system is also often used, in which the winning player is designated by means of a light on the table. All methods ensure that the first player to get the cards at Pai Gow Poker is determined fairly.

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