How To Play Poker Online

Playing poker online is a hugely popular leisure activity so you want to make sure that when you decide to take the plunge, you do so in the easiest and most profitable way possible. Follow the ten top tips below so you can start enjoying the wealth of different poker games online!

Look for reputable poker rooms – Check out any poker rooms you are considering joining carefully. Do they display their contact details clearly and have plenty of other users? Are their customer service contact details easy to find and how do other poker players rate them? Ensure you join a reputable poker site that offers you the whole package.

Get the best introductory offer you can – Many poker games will offer new customers a number of different enticements to get them to join. Scout around the Internet to find the best poker site with the best poker deal to suit your online playing.

Practice! – There’s no substitute for it and there are hundreds of free poker room games available for you to play to gain experience completely free of charge. Remember, even the best poker players have to brush up on their skills!

Play with the odds in your favor – When you start playing for money, remember to keep the odds in your favor. Only play the hands that you have a chance of winning where you have been dealt decent cards and the flop has been kind.

Keep bluffing to a minimum – Banish the idea of becoming rich overnight by bluffing your way to victory. It rarely works and when it does, it is because the player bluffing usually has a reputation for NOT doing so.

Folding is a sign of strength – Don’t be afraid to throw your cards away at any time, if the flop, turn or river has let you down. Knowing when to fold and not being afraid to do so, is a key strength that any good poker player has.

Bet sensibly – Don’t be tempted to throw in all your stack on your second hand of the game, even if the cards do seem to be in your favor. Use your experience from playing free games to devise a betting strategy that will keep you in the game for longer and with more chance of winning.

Watch other players’ behavior – Even online, some players exhibit ‘tells’, behaviors that give you a hint at what hand they may hold. Does a player always commit very quickly when he has a good hand, but let the timer run when he is pondering a lesser hand? Watch carefully to discover more about your opponent’s habits and if you can pick up on it, you’ll be a much stronger player.

Know when to quit – Whether you are well up, about even, or having a poor run of luck, knowing when to quit is vital. As a beginner, set yourself a time limit for play and always finish at this point. This will give you the discipline to quit a game at the right point, win or lose.

Withdraw your winnings and enjoy them – A win is not a win if you then give all your cashback to other players. If you are lucky enough to get a big win, then reap the rewards. Withdraw the cash and treat yourself. That way your winning is improving your life and you won’t be tempted to gamble more than you are comfortable with next time too!

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