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Online casinos are constantly innovating and diversifying their offerings. The latest? The ability to play and directly access your favorite games without having to go through the download box. Thus, while some offer you to configure and install software, others offer you a Flash version to be able to play in a few clicks. Currently, more and more online casinos are submitting software in Flash version. This version facilitates the game mode, because in addition to offering as many choices as a classic version, it does not require any configuration.

Just go to a browser and you’re done. But in order to do this, the player must first download Flash on his computer. This application is also accessible online and takes up very little disk space. Furthermore, in an Online Casino that does not require a download, the vast majority of games available to punters are 3D and easy to handle. You will therefore find your favorite games there as you enjoyed them in the casinos to download, but their interfaces will be improved and will have evolved. And that’s not all. As in all games, you can obviously save your game history and your bankroll before leaving your casino.

Therefore, the next time you return to your account, you will easily regain access to the site. Previously, online casino sites only offered two options for you to follow to get to their games. Today, with the development of technological tools, and in particular with a view to expanding their clientele, they offer a wide choice of games with multiple configurations.Playing at an online casino that does not require a download therefore has a number of advantages.

Among them is that of being able to go directly to the games. Conversely, playing at an online casino that requires downloads can take minutes or even hours, depending on the speed of the connection. And very often this scares off the bettors. In addition, this kind of files usually occupy a considerable space on the hard disk. The other strong point of no-download online casinos is the ability to change casinos as many times as the player wishes.

As in land-based casinos, therefore, the bettor can move from one online casino to another. It should be noted here that antivirus is a significant problem in download casinos. Indeed, it blocks the download each time it is started. This is the reason why some gamers end up modifying their antivirus settings to allow initiated downloads. Of course, this is not without risk, as the computer becomes a perfect target for malware and bad intrusions.

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