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Video poker is a classic casino game that can also be found in any online casino room. It is a very popular game. It could be said that this game is somewhere between the typical slot machines and the traditional five card draw poker . The different articles in the video poker section explain how to play, strategies for the different modes of the game and how to interpret the pay table of each machine, to be able to differentiate between a machine that pays less than another that returns more than its collection in prizes.

The introduction to video poker, as its name implies, will consist of learning the basic notions of this game. We will see roughly how it is played, what it consists of and what its main rules are. In short, it deals with what is necessary to have a general idea of ??the game and the elements of a video poker machine. Among the video poker modalities that can be found in a casino or online casino, Jacks or Better stands out.

The different modalities are classified according to how the different combinations of cards are paid. Depending on machine, some combinations can be awarded more, in all the machines the winning combos are reflected in the pay table. The rules of video poker on the general mechanics to play is the same in all modes of the game. The steps to follow to play are: choose the number of credits you want to play per spin, play the spin and, in case of getting a combination with a prize, decide whether to accept the offer to double the bet if the machine offers the option.

When playing the game, the discard phase requires knowing the rules of video poker and the different combinations that can be formed to shape luck in a certain way. There are strategies for each mode of the game. The Game of Video Poker is based on the game of poker but the objective of both games is different. In videopoker it is about getting one of the poker combinations that the machine rewards using a discard. The strategy for playing video poker is based on the chances of landing each of the winning combinations from the starting hand. Each strategy establishes rules to discard taking into account the probabilities of getting each of the combinations and the prize associated with each combination.

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