Playing Online Blackjack Games

After the initial phase when all players have made their bets, each player receives a card that is hidden, ie face down. The dealer also receives such a card when he or she deals it. Then all players get another card and the dealer gives himself a card that is face up, now the dealer has both his down card and his up card. When you play online casino, players get to turn over all their cards except the dealer who always has a face down. After you as a player have received your first two cards, you can see how much their total value will be.

It’s just a matter of combining the denominations of the two cards with each other, color does not matter. Ace in this game always has the value eleven as the starting value. Should it be the case that the total sum of the denominations exceeds 21, the ace value gets one. When a player has a hand with an ace where the value of the ace is eleven, it is called a soft hand, if you have a hand where the ace has a value of one, it is called a hard hand. If a player in his starting hand has the total denomination 21 then he or she has Blackjack.

If the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, he or she at almost all casinos will first see if he or she has Blackjack before issuing more cards. If the total value of your cards is more than 21 and if you have aces that all received a denomination of 1, you lose your bet and are busted. Now you as a player have a number of choices for the game to move on; You say hit and get another card from the dealer. You say stand and do not get more cards, but it’s the dealer’s turn. You say double and double your bet in the game and get another card. You say split and split your two cards, which means that you now have two separate games. You say insurance if the dealer has an ace, so you can insure against the live dealer blackjack. Saying insurance costs half your bet, if you have made this insurance and the dealer would get Blackjack, you will get your bet back.

In some casinos you can also lie down, so give up your hand if you do not think you have a chance. It then costs half of your first bet and when you have finished playing, it is the casino’s turn. Now the dealer must draw cards until he or she has at least 17 then the dealer may not draw more cards. If you now have more than the dealer, you win, if you have Blackjack, you get a payout of 1 – 1.5. The best tip we can give you who want to play Blackjack is to keep a cool head and not make hasty decisions, then you will win in the long run.

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