Poker Texas Hold’em

Poker and more precisely Texas Hold’em is one of the most famous card games. This section takes a tour of the game, from how it is played to its most precious secrets. It is a seemingly simple game in theory, but extremely complex in reality. It requires the mastery of an infinity of factors. Poker never ceases to amaze and you never stop learning how to play.Texas Hold’em is the type of poker that is played the most. Like any other game, it has some basic rules and an instruction manual.

To master the game perfectly there is a long way to go. The Texas Hold’em guide is a starting point for learning the basics and how to play Texas Hold’em poker. Who posts the blinds? Who starts talking? What can I do at all times? How does the game play out? How many betting phases are there? Today it is common to associate poker with Texas Hold’em. Indeed, Texas Hold’em is the predominant, most common, and most popular game. Although it should not be forgotten that there are many other types of poker: Omaha, Stud, Draw, … In this article the characteristics and basic rules of some of them, the most relevant and most practiced, are collected. A player who is an ace in Texas Hold’em should not rely on the other modalities.

Each type of game, limit or whatever modality may be played according to the “Cash Game” form or according to the form of the tournament. The differences, characteristics and peculiarities of each of these two types of poker games are shown schematically, as well as specific strategies for each type of game: cash or tournament. Both in “Casino Cash Game” and in tournament play the same game, but each type of game must be approached in a very different way. There are no absolute rules in poker as every game situation is different.

In this way, there will be times when a good hand must be thrown when raises and re-raises have been chained and a lot of pressure is felt, and other times you will have to continue in the game when you see that it is stagnant and you feel that it can be activated with one hand. Not very good. In poker it is not only the value of the hand but the value placed in relation to the table. Scenarios of different games can be recreated where different game strategies are put into practice, but it will be the experience that will make a poker player stay calm and know which hands to play and which hands to throw when playing with a short stack in a cash table .

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