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Along with NetEnt, Microgaming is a superstar of casino game manufacturers. Microgaming games work directly through a browser, but can also be downloaded for play from your own computer. Unlike NetEnt, we recommend downloading. Microgaming games are not at their best directly in the browser. On the other hand, once you have downloaded the game to your machine, you will be able to enjoy super-entertainment. Microgaming’s flagship games are some of the best in the industry. Examples include Gold Table Games, Mega Moolah, and Lord Of The Rings. Mega Moolah probably still has the biggest slot game jackpot on the internet and that’s why almost all online casinos have taken it into their range.

Playtech is basically one of the big ones. At least on the upper sides. At least if this is measured through usability and the number of games. If we look purely at the quality of the games and how much game manufacturers see the time and effort to perfect them, Playtech will not succeed on NetEnt and Microgaming. When it comes to Playtech games, it’s worth remembering to always download them to your computer rather than play online versions. Functionality is not 110% guaranteed even then, but still much more reliable when loaded on a machine. We recommend avoiding online versions.

At Casino, you will find a huge list of detailed casino reviews where you can read about our experiences with these casinos. We’ve thoroughly tested hundreds of casinos and chewed them into an easy-to-approach format so you can easily catch the best casino bonuses and find the kind of casinos that match your desires. All of the online casinos in our reviews are ones that we have played ourselves and whose pros and cons we have experienced ourselves. So we know what we’re talking about so when you’re looking for a place to play, start by scrolling through our casino reviews. You will probably get a lot of good information out of them, whether you are a novice player or an experienced casino game.

For the beginner, we offer a great overview that makes it easy to get started in gaming, in addition to the best online casinos, we advise on the use of bonuses and other gaming-related aspects that help you win and enable a good gaming experience. For the routine player, on the other hand, we help you stay on the crest by introducing both the latest casinos and new bonuses. Something always happens on the online casino front, and by following the Casino games you can be sure that you will not miss anything. Keep an eye out for all the casinos on our list.

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