Slots can have a fixed or a progressive jackpot. They can also have a mix between both of these jackpot variants. A fixed jackpot always consists of a fixed amount, for example $10,000. A progressive, on the other hand, rises all the time until someone wins it. How do progressive slots work then?

Well, the value increases as you bet on the slot because a proportion of all bets go to the jackpot, both the current one, but often also the next one. This is so that there will always be a certain amount in the pot to play for even when the jackpot has just been paid out. Below we tell you a little more about how slots with jackpots at online casino can work:

Global jackpot networks – the largest jackpots are usually found in slots that are connected to a so-called global jackpot network. This means that everyone who plays at the slot, regardless of the casino, is involved and contributes to the same jackpot. If the slot has several jackpots, it can sometimes be the case that only the largest is connected to the global network and the rest are local to the gaming company.

An example of this is the NetEnt slot Mega Fortune. Everyone who plays at Mega Fortune is involved and contributes to the big jackpot no matter which casino you play at. Of course, the jackpot can also fall out at any casino that is part of the network.

Local jackpot – If a jackpot is local, it is unique to each individual casino. For example, a local jackpot can only drop out at and only players are involved and contribute to the jackpot. This is also the explanation for why the jackpot value on the same slot can differ between different casinos.

Slots network – sometimes the jackpot is connected to several different slot machines, which means that several slots are involved and contribute to the pot. A well-known example is the Moolah network. All bets on Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis contribute to the same jackpot and this can fall on any of these two slot machines. A slots network can also be part of a global network with several casinos.

Daily or must drop jackpots. There is also a variant of casino slots with a jackpot where the jackpots must fall out within a certain time, for example at least once a day. For obvious reasons, the jackpot rarely manages to rise in astronomical sums during the short period of time. The time-limited jackpots are often local and unique to each individual casino.

We will therefore not see these offers pop up between rounds at our favorite casinos, but must instead keep an eye out for them among the welcome offers. When you register at an online casino, you can often choose to take advantage of a welcome bonus or not. If you choose, it could be divided into several parts. Then you can get a bonus when you register and one when you make your first deposit. The first bonus will then be a no deposit bonus, which you can play on. These free casino bonuses are often not that great, but still generous.

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