Progressive Slots

Most players favor progressive slots because with these games they are able to win big with only very little investment. Progressive slot machine games in online casinos are linked together in contrast to basic online slot machines. A small amount of each bet goes to a jackpot which grows continuously. By that, every player is actually contributing to the jackpot. Generally, the progressive jackpot contains $250,000 and more. Some of them are as high as $1,000,000. News like that spread fast on the internet, especially in online gambling. More and more players will come and try their luck which again leads to an increase in the jackpot.

The players are the reason why the progressive jackpots permanently grow. I give you an example: a progressive slot machine game has a payout percentage of about 92%. That means that from $100 the players bet, $8 are stacked by the house. If you play a progressive slot $1 of that amount goes to the progressive jackpot. Image the sum of money if there are hundreds and thousands of customers playing simultaneously. As a rule, you can say that with the increase in the jackpot the number of players will rise.

A lot of online progressive slot games feature jackpot tickers which you can see above each game. These jackpot tickers show you how fast the amount of money is growing. The players are informed about the amount of the jackpot, which will consequently attract more and more players to come.
Traditionally online players are requested to place the maximum bet in progressive slots in order to qualify for the huge jackpot. For most slot machine games the maximum bet you can place is five coins. Here are a few examples for a variety of denomination progressives:

  • The maximum bet on a progressive penny slot machine is generally 5 cents for one spin.
  • The maximum bet on a progressive nickel slot machine is generally 25 cents for one spin.
  • The maximum bet on a progressive quarter slot machine is generally $1.25 for one spin.
  • The maximum bet on a progressive dollar slot machine is generally $5 for one spin.

In land-based casinos, you don’t have to go far to see the words Megajackpots and Megabucks trying to attract your attention. Of course, online casinos offer progressive jackpots, too and very often the payout percentages are higher than in traditional casinos. In the following, you will find a list of progressive jackpot games. The order is according to the software provider of the progressive slots.

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