Punto Banco game

The Punto Banco game table is the largest table that can be found in a casino, it has up to 14 seats. It is the only casino game where players can deal the cards and in which players can damage the cards when trying to discover their value. It is the favorite game of Asian players, the tables usually have quite high betting limits. In casinos, a variation of the game known as mini punto-banco is played mainly .At the beginning of the game, two hands are dealt, one hand represents the player, point , and another represents the bank, bank . Each player must bet on which hand will be the winner or if there will be a tie. The maximum play in the point and bank is to add nine with two cards, it is known as a natural 9 .

The only decision a player must make when playing a point and bank game is their initial bet. Each player must choose whether to bet on the hand that represents the bank or the hand that represents the player, the point . In parallel, you can bet that both hands will tie. The maximum score is 9. The ten and the figures are worth 0 points, the ace is worth 1 and the rest of the cards their value. At the beginning of a point and bank game, two hands of two cards each are dealt, one represents the player, known as Punto Banco , and the other represents the bank .

The maximum play is to add 9. A third card may be dealt according to the point and bank rules . The players have a passive position during the game, they do not make any decisions. Each player will only have to bet before the distribution of the cards that he thinks will be the hand that will be the closest to 9, whether the player’s (point) or the bank (bank). You can only bet on one of them. Another bet available, and that can be combined, is the bet on a tie.

The value of the cards in the point and bank are the following: the ace is worth 1, the 10’s, jacks, queens and kings are worth 0 and the cards from 2 to 9 add their value. All hands will have a value between 0 and 9, if a hand has a value higher than 10, 10 will be subtracted to get a value between 0 and 9. Three bets can be made in the Punto Banco game. Bet on the player’s hand, bet on the dealer’s hand, and bet on a tie between the hands.

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