Redeeming the cashback bonus

Redeeming cashback is simple and does not normally require any separate action. The cashback will be paid automatically to the player’s game account at the agreed time. You can find out the terms of the cashback offer on which day of the week and at what time the refund will be added to the bankroll, so the player only has to wait for the refund to arrive in the game account.

At some online casinos, the cashback bonus may need to be redeemed separately, but this is also conveniently done with a few clicks. Before playing, make sure you have signed up for the cashback offer through the promotion or bonus page. Check the terms and conditions of the promotion to see when the refund will be paid and whether you qualify for a refund. On the return day, redeem the refund, for example, from the bonuses section of your game account, or from the cashback campaign page. Cashback bonuses are often free of redemption, meaning they can be withdrawn directly to a bank account if you wish, but if the refund is paid as bonus money, you will first need to meet its redemption requirement.

Cashback for new players
Cashback casinos do not limit their cashback benefits to attract new players. Cashback offers are a general benefit for both new players and loyal customers. Most online casinos offer a weekly cashback for all players, but at certain online casinos, the welcome offer may include a separate increased cashback offer.

If the online casino has a separate cashback welcome offer, this cashback benefit only works with your first deposit. You can get a higher refund than usual for any losses on your first deposit. If the casino offers a general cashback, you can take advantage of it as a new player immediately after you register. Please check the cashback period, which may vary depending on the casino. In cashback casinos, therefore, this ongoing benefit takes into account both new and old players, with cash returns encouraging even older players to stay with online casino games for longer.

Cashback for VIP players
VIP players in particular can expect significantly higher cash returns. Usually, the cashback is in the 10% range, but as a VIP Player, you can enjoy, for example, a 20% increased cashback. Different casinos may also have different VIP Levels with different cashback levels. Thus, the most loyal customers will be able to enjoy higher cash returns. Several casinos offer VIP Cashback, which is only for high-roller online casino players. These cash refunds can be high because the refund percentages are higher and the maximum amount of cashback for VIP members may have been increased or eliminated.

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