Rules of Craps

The game of craps is played with 2 dice rolled on the craps table.The table is managed by four employees: the “boxman”, two dealers and the “stickman” who will help you to bet and play. The “stickman” offers six dice to the thrower from which the latter chooses two (one red and one green) that he will use subsequently.After each roll of the dice. The result may indicate:

that you are a winner: you will be paid immediately according to the risk taken and the amount of the stake

that you are losing: your stake will be collected immediately

that the shot is zero: it is to be replayed and nothing moves on the table

that the result is suspended: there will be another throw: some bets will not be able to move, others will be able to do so.

The game begins when the pitcher makes an initial bet on Pass Line or Don’t Pass . It is a question of betting on whether the launcher will “pass” the first stage or not. The thrower will not pass if he rolls 2, 3 or 12: it’s craps, and the round ends.

The thrower therefore performs this first roll of two dice (the “come out roll”), which determines the continuation of the game:

Three possibilities:
1 / The thrower “does not pass”, he obtains (sum of the dice) 2, 3 or 12: It is a “craps” . The player loses and everyone who played like him (“Pass”) also lost. Their bets are picked up by a croupier. Those who played “Don’t Pass”: With 2 and 3, they won. Their bets are paid equally and they get their bets back. With 12: the blow is zero. The first move is over. Although having lost, it is always the same player who will throw: this time he will be able to bet on the “Pass” or on “Do Not Pass”.

2 / The player gets 7 or 11: he won as well as all those who played like him on “Pass” . They are paid in equality (1: 1) of their bets (for example 2 chips if the bet is 2 chips) and they each recover their bets. Those who played “Do Not Pass” have lost: their bets are picked up by a croupier. The first move is over. It is the same player who will throw for the next round: he bets again on “Pass” or on “Do not pass”.

3 / The player gets 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10: this result determines the “Point”, and the second phase of craps begins.

You bet 10 euros on “pass”. On your first throw, you get an 11, you win 10 euros. The game then begins again, with a new first throw. You leave 10 euros on “pass”. You roll a 9, which becomes the Point. Your next roll is a 6: you re-roll the dice. Your next roll is a 9, so you win $ 10.

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