Safe and reliable new casinos

Finding a safe and reliable online casino is easy when you visit the online casinos featured on this site. All of the new online casinos found in our reviews invest in security and reliability in a variety of ways. This is always our top priority, as we have also experienced the creepy feeling when the money went and nothing was replaced. A reliable online casino is always licensed and because a lot of work is done to get a proper gaming license, the license information is put on the site so that it is easy for players to find. The secure gaming site uses SSL encryption technology to prevent player registration and payment information from being leaked to third parties. You will identify the site that uses proper encryption by its SSL logo, lock icon, and a web address beginning with HTTPS.

A secure and reliable online casino also takes the disadvantages of gambling seriously and provides its players with the tools to play responsibly. With these tools, players can restrict and monitor their own play through the use of time and money, as well as temporarily close their game accounts. Many casinos also share information on how to play responsibly, identify your own gambling problem, and channels that offer help.

Here are some important things to keep in mind for your new casino:
Separating a tax-free and a taxed casino is a source of grief and headache for many. At the bottom of each casino site, you will find information about which company operates the casino, under which license and in which country the casino is registered.

Reading the bonus terms is boring, but we definitely think every player should read them down to the smallest print. When redeeming the bonus, it is advisable to check at least the bonus redemption, the time allotted for redemption, the games allowed and the maximum bet. Also, pay attention to any winning limits. If you do not find anything in the terms and conditions or feel the text is unclear, ask the casino’s customer service for advice.

Are your language skills sufficient? The casino for local players may sometimes be only partially localized. For example, bonus terms may contain very bad language, or they may not have been translated at all. If the language barrier feels too big, check our list of local casinos and head to one of them.

Did you notice the casino withdrawal times as well as any maximum restrictions? Usually, the casino’s general terms and conditions or payment methods information provides information on how long it takes to process a withdrawal, what kind of documents are required, and what are the estimated transfer times for different payment instruments. Some casinos also limit the maximum number of withdrawals and these may also depend on the player’s VIP level. It’s miserable to wait for your money with a heart in your throat, and that’s why it’s worth getting to know things before doing it yourself.

Remember that gaming is meant to be a fun pastime. Online Casino games are entertainment, nothing more. How you do in games doesn’t define you, and it’s not meant to make a living in slots. If gaming starts to feel boring or if it negatively affects you or your loved ones, we recommend taking a break. For more information on the disadvantages of gambling, contact the support organizations in your country.

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