Recently, online scratch cards have become very popular for being cheap and offering very high rewards. Those who don’t want to play the national lottery often resort to digital scratch cards.We hope you enjoy our selection of free scratch cards and our ranking of the best online casino sites for playing real money scratch cards .Many people prefer to buy scratch cards at local, but as technology advances, we’ve noticed that there’s a big change afoot. It is increasingly common to play scratch cards at online casinos while staying at home in the comfort of your own home. Scratch cards is a game where you have to “scratch” the different boxes to reveal the icons or images they hide. If you can make these icons form a winning combination, you will receive one of the prizes.

For example, you will have to get the same icon across the entire line of cards. Scratch cards are often side products in online casinos. However, it is a fast, fun and, above all, very simple game. These cards can be a simple grid or they can also have a structure similar to a slot machine. The form and game rules of these cards will depend on the supplier who developed them. Some of the best software companies that have these types of products are Microgaming, PlayTech and NYX Gaming. Often, each scratch card line is associated with a specific prize. To get the prize from this line you must get a minimum of icons of the same type in it. So, if the game has 3 lines, you can get up to 3 different prizes in each round.

Example : In the Scratch King slot machine if you find that in any of the lines there are 5 or more identical icons, you will receive the prize corresponding to that line. This particular game has a structure very similar to slot machines. In addition, it also has wild symbols that can earn you a big pot. In some games, prizes are not associated with the lines of the card, but with different icons or symbols. Therefore, you will have to get multiple icons of the same type on any of the lines on the card. As we said, in this case, the prize will vary depending on the symbols. So there will be as many prizes as different icons. Example: In the slot machine Doctor Love if you get 3 icons with the teddy bear on any of the lines you will receive a prize that will be 5 times your bet, if you get 3 icons with the Doctor you will receive one 1000 times your wager.

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