Slot machines

Slot machines are the category of casino games that are by far the largest both at online casinos and at land-based casinos.Today, many Online Casinos have hundreds of different slot machines and it is also this game category that increases the most in the number of games. But despite the huge range, most developers build games around the same special features.


Wild was the first special feature to be launched on slot machines. It is a symbol that works like a joker, ie can replace any other symbol. If e.g. three equal symbols appear in a row and a joker is shown as the fourth symbol, the player wins if four equal symbols appear in a row.Over the years, the wild symbol has developed and today is often assigned more functions than it had from the beginning. These are some variations although there are a number of more:

Octupus Wild (Beach) – If the symbol is displayed, an octopus extends its arms and swaps places on two symbols to allow for larger line wins.

Sticky Wild (Including Dead or Alive). When the wild symbol is displayed, it remains in its position for a certain number of upcoming spins.

Walking Wild – (Including Robin Hood) – When the wild symbol is displayed, any line wins are first awarded. Then the wild symbol moves one step to the left and a free spin starts. When any line wins are handed out, this happens once more and continues until the wild symbol has migrated out of the game reels.

Expanding Wild – (Including Starburst) When the wild symbol is displayed, the wild symbol expands over the entire wheel before any line wins are dealt.

Lightning Wild – The Wildning Wild function is also available under other names, but the function is the same, ie when a Wild symbol is displayed, it randomly shoots other symbols which are then also converted into wild symbols.

Scatter is a scatter symbol that pays out whether they appear in a row or not. The symbol is almost always associated with activating free spins. Normally, at least three scatter symbols are required to activate free spins, but the more that appear, the more spins are awarded.

Free Spin

Free spin is a free spin that the player can win during the game. These spins will be played with the same bet as the player had on the spin that activated the free spins even if the balance does not decrease. Many slot machines also offer double or triple wins during free spins.

Bonus Game

Bonus games are usually activated if at least three bonus symbols appear in a row. How the game is structured varies greatly between different slot machines but is usually based on “pick and click”. This means that the player can make different choices and click on symbols to then see how much bonus winnings are hidden behind them.

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