No Deposit Bingo

Here at Online Bingo Compare we love playing bingo but our favourite is no-deposit bingo. There’s no better way of playing really; you don’t have to lay out any of your money in advance, you can play bingo your favourite game and whatever you win is a pure bonus perfect!

If you’re new to playing bingo online, you might think this sounds too good to be true but believe us it isn’t. There are so many bingo sites around that they’re all fighting to grab your attention and make sure that you play bingo on their site and not others. They not only spend a lot of time and money in designing their site and making sure promotions are attractive to tempt you to visit, but they also need to get you to play bingo too. There are several different methods they use but one of our favourites is to
offer free bingo no deposit required.

No deposit bingo is the critical word that you will be looking for. This is very important as many bingo sites offer free bingo, advertised with banners in big flashy letters and placed in a very prominent position; but if you try to play or if you read the small print, you’ll soon find out that although you can.

Play bingo for free there is usually a whole stack of conditions attached. These vary some may state that you need to make a deposit at some stage on the site whilst others may give you a timescale, for example, that you made a deposit in the last week.

No deposit bingo means just that, the site is offering you the chance to play free bingo without making a deposit with them. The idea behind this is very simple, and unfortunately is not just because they are nice people who want to give away loads of money! They figure that you will love the free play bingo so much that you will want to pay to play.

That way you can play for bigger jackpots and better prizes, as when you make a deposit this usually opens up a lot more opportunities for you. The excitement you get when you indulge in the free bingo with no deposit required is still the same, however, the prizes are usually limited to either low cash prizes or loyalty points. This is usually in contrast to the games where you have to make a deposit to play bingo where you could find yourself walking away with a huge cash prize, a holiday or something equally as grand.

At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion on playing and whether you love free bingo no deposit required offers or you prefer to grab those first deposit bonuses it doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun. The No deposit bingo games may be limited in number and may not offer the greatest prizes in the world but it does give you the chance to check out the site and see what you think of it.