Types of Online Roulette

Types of roulette in the world- Roulette is a game that no longer has to prove itself. As you probably know, it’s one, Blaise Pascal, who is at the origin of this modern game which is roulette. But like many casino games, migrations of men are synonymous with various variants. Because yes, players changing continents or countries have simply won with them this money game, and logically, local people have adapted. In this article, we will just describe the wheels you can find in your online casino. You will see that the differences are not destabilizing because the goal of the game is identical of course.

The European Roulette

In all the casino game guides, you can find game tips that will tell you that European roulette is the most advantageous for the player because firstly, it has only one box 0 and the rules are simple. These are the ones that inspired us for our article. If you play in European casinos, you will have several roulette tables but it is the European which is the most widespread. The numbers of the wheel go from 0 to 36, that is to say, 37 boxes in all. We strongly advise you to start on these wheels because you will be able to take them in hand quickly.

The American Roulette

It is often the one that clashes with the previous one. The story of this variant is interesting: when the wheel was integrated into land casinos in the US, casinos wanted to spice up the task of the players. So they thought adding a 00 box would be a good thing to decrease the odds of those who bet. Since then, this rule has remained. Your probability of victory is, therefore, lower with this roulette, it is for this reason that we do not recommend it to you.

The French Roulette

Let’s be a little chauvinistic, this form of roulette is really very attractive because, in addition to resuming the rules of the game of online roulette with the same configuration for the wheel, you have more opportunities in terms of bets. Indeed, in addition to the main mat, you have an insert that will allow you to make special bets that will be composed of several chips, up to nine chips for a bet. It is true that if you play with these special bets, it costs you a little more but the winnings are also in function.

The Mexican Roulette

It is certain that if we think that American roulette is not advantageous, the Mexican version is even less so. Indeed, it still has an additional box, the triple 0. This box was added always with a view to disadvantage the player. It is, to be honest, not very prevalent across the casinos. If you find one, just try it for the experience but do not go on, it’s our advice.

The Royal Roulette

This is actually the version of roulette that allows you to win a progressive jackpot. The rules are those of the Europeans. You just have to say that to win the pot that is sometimes at the limit of the incredible, it’s not easy. Indeed, it is necessary that your number is fired 5 times by the ball to win, and consecutively, with in addition a maximum bet.