How Do You Play a Game of Keno?

Keno is a game of chance that traces a long and illustrious past. Of course, the keno we’re playing today will not precisely resemble the original game as it was in its inception. We can expect the game of keno, as well as other games we play, to have evolved as time went by. Historians have traced keno’s roots as far back as 200 BC and so we can expect that though Chinese immigrants brought the game with them we can expect it to have changed along the way.

If ever players look at a keno ticket for the very first time they’ll find that it has some similarities with other numbers games like bingo or a lottery. True indeed, both bingo and keno work with numbers arranged on a card. That may be the most similarity between these two games. Keno does involve a different form of action when compared to bingo.

A single keno ticket or card will come with 80 numbers on it. Players are left to themselves to choose any number and how many numbers they wish. This might be one reason why some players feel that keno does resemble a lottery in that players are free to choose whatever numbers on the keno ticket they want to mark. There is no specific way to keep a keno ticket; some players encircle the numbers they picked out while others just simply mark the numbers using a pencil.

When players have finished choosing and marking numbers on their keno tickets they will then have to turn them over to the casino’s clerk at the keno booth. After a player’s selected numbers have been recorded, that player will then be given a receipt. Here’s where all the action and excitement come in, and that is when the winning numbers are drawn.

After the winning numbers are displayed a player may redeem winnings. Casinos often impose a time limit on when all winnings should be redeemed. Some casinos allow a maximum number of keno games before any winnings can be claimed. Those are multiple-game keno tickets and will not be void as long as the maximum number of games (about 30 or more keno games, depending on the casino) is not yet reached. Another option that casinos offer is a keno ticket that can stay good for up to a whole year. But such a ticket with a longer duration of validity is not a standard keno ticket. That basically is how you play a game of keno. It’s really very simple and is comparable to other numbers games like bingo or a lottery. Lots of people enjoy this game and make real money out of it so try it out.