Guessing the Winning Numbers in Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance. Leave it to luck to pick the winning numbers of the day. But sometimes numbers have a way of “following” patterns in which they appear and reappear. The patterns sometimes coincide with a calculated guess. Some people have the knack for opening vaults though unaware of their number combinations. All they use is a little sensitivity and calculated guesswork. Well, at times it’s really more of pure guesswork.

On the way to the casino, if the mood is there and the atmosphere feels light and clear, the mind is much too susceptible to heightened perceptiveness. At the mere thought of roulette games, numbers jump off from somewhere in the mind and some certainty builds up. More so when the actual roulette table is in sight. The hunch is so strong that winning numbers can almost be dictated.

Like tinkering on the vault to click it open, the right feel must flow with the numbers emerging in the mind. The electricity in the casino atmosphere and the feel of the roulette table finally set the right numbers up in my mind. Just before laying the wager on the table, the heart prods the will to make the bet.

To have a mood for “accurate” guesses, an early sleep the night before is essential. Have a light supper – preferably soup vegetable. Just before reaching the Alpha stage of sleep winning roulette chances and combinations of numbers (say, imagine winning single numbers in en Plein, picking odds from 35 to 1) must dwell in mind.

Often these musings are taken to the Gamma level and stored in the subconscious. Gamma mental quotients are usually what play in the mind involuntarily when awake. These are the unexplained visions that often appear and reappear in the mind and just won’t go away. They pop up and often form a discernable pattern. This is what accurate guesses are often made of.

When sleep, however, is shallow, the musings do not reach the Gamma level. They remain afloat in the Alpha or Beta level and appear as incongruent dreams often hard to recall when awake. Thus they cannot form anything sensible and discernable in the mind. No intuitive number calculation is possible except wild guesses. Chance games are decided by chance. But chance can be more systematic than many can imagine. Everything is ordered in the universe. Even the Big Bang radiated protracted force waves to accurately form what is now existent. Guessing where the ball hits numbers in the roulette wheel all starts in the number pattern in the mind and how it flows with the excitement one has in the actual play. Then accurate guesses start chancing upon winning numbers.