Top video poker games

Jacks or Better
Here, only a dude, queen, king or ace pair is enough to win.
The payback percentage for this most popular video poker game is about 99.5%.
Similar versions are 10’s or Better, where a pair of 10s also wins.
You can try this game at Top Notch Casino , for example

Joker Poker
Similar to the basic video poker, with the addition that the joker acts as a wild card and thus creates more chances of winning.
Return rates are 98.6%.
Deuces and Aces Wild are similar, those cards act as wild cards.
Double Joker versions have 2 jokers and lower return rates of 98.1%.

Bonus Poker
Very similar to basic games, with the added feature of extra winnings on certain hands shown in the paytable
Return rates are just over 99%.
In the double bonus versions, you can double your bonus opportunity or get other bonus benefits.
Microgaming’s Bonus Poker Deluxe is an example of a game that pays out four types of high bonus winnings.

A traditional video poker game
The traditional game is based on standard draw poker, where the player receives 5 cards, from which he chooses the cards to be held and exchanged. The goal is to get the strongest possible poker hand.The most important thing in the different game versions is to look at the paytable before playing. Each game requires a slightly different strategy to play and before each new game, the player would be wise to first play the new game for fun or for free.

The ability to play multiple hands simultaneously tells you the base bet on the number of hands you can play. For example, if a player has chosen to play a 50p bet on five hands of the game, his total bet per round of play is £ 2.50.It is important to know what can be won with each hand and for this reason the paytable should be displayed continuously on the main screen of the game.

Choose the size of your bet and remember that if you are playing multiple hands, this will be multiplied by the number of hands you play.
Click the deal button to get the first 5 cards.
At your discretion, hold or swap as many cards as you want to get a winning hand.
Click the deal button to replace the exchanged cards with new ones.
Winnings are paid out automatically.
If you win, many games have a continuation feature, in which case you bet on whether the next card is over or under 7 (2: 1) or what color it is (4: 1).

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