Tournament or Cash Game

There you have it, the choice is made. You arrive in the room and there, amazement, you see that you can play “Cash Game” or “Tournament”. But what are the differences? You are lost ? Rest assured, we are here to guide you.

The Cash Game
Cash game is a form of poker game that allows you to convert any amount of money you want into chips and sit down at a table to play.You can sit down and leave the table whenever you want, you have no obligation. For example, if you play your first hand and then want to come out of the table then it is quite possible.

This therefore leaves you a certain appreciable freedom for some such as for example players who do not have hours to devote to the game as is often the case during a tournament.You will find cash game tables suitable for all budgets. You will find tables where the blinds are 0.01 / 0.02 cents up to 1000/2000 FRS.

The advantage of cash games is that the blinds will never increase during the game, unlike tournaments. Note that if you lose all your tokens, you will be able to “re-buy”, that is to say reinvest an amount immediately.

Tournament is the second form of poker game. Here, players wishing to participate in the tournament will have to pay an entry fee called “buy-in”. This sum which can vary from 1 FRS to several thousand FRS will be converted into a predetermined number of tokens. This therefore means that all players in the tournament will start the game with the same number of chips.Some tournaments generally allow a rebuy period during the first hour.

This means that if you lose all your tokens or if you simply want to increase the number of your tokens, you will be able to re-buy, that is to say to buy back tokens, but this period is never indefinite. After this period, if you lose all your chips, you will be eliminated from the tournament.

The players in the tournaments are sometimes a few hundred, sometimes several thousand. The goal of a tournament player is to finish in the paid places. Indeed, it is not only the winner of the tournament who will win money but also the first few places.

The number of places that pay is determined before the game begins. In a tournament, the blinds will increase continuously after a fixed period of time. This forces passive players to play and not just wait. The last player present is the one who wins the tournament.

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