Types of casino bonuses

Deposit bonus
A deposit bonus is, in short, a bonus that is awarded to players in connection with them making a deposit to the account. One of the conditions for receiving the bonus is that you make a deposit to your Online Casino Gaming account. Deposit bonuses could previously be offered to both new and old customers, but now they can only be distributed to new players in connection with the first deposit. Since the gaming companies are only allowed to hand out one bonus per customer, many people put a lot of gunpowder on their offers in the battle for customers. It may therefore be worthwhile to compare casino bonuses to get the most out of the amount you plan to deposit.

Matching bonus
To receive a deposit bonus, you must therefore make a deposit to the gaming account. The gaming company usually matches your deposit with a casino bonus that corresponds to a certain percentage of your deposit up to a certain amount.

Fixed bonus
Deposit bonuses are not always the type of matching bonus that corresponds to a certain percentage of your deposit. It can also consist of a fixed amount that is the same for everyone regardless of how much you deposit in the account, for example $100 in casino bonus. It can also consist of a number of free spins. For example, everyone who makes a first deposit gets 20 free spins on a selected slot machine. A bonus does not necessarily have to consist of money or free spins. It can also consist of some other type of gift such as movie tickets, sweets or supporter stuff.

Yes, really, it only seems to be the imagination that sets the limit for what you can get as a welcome gift from the gaming companies. Recently, gaming companies have also started campaigns where new players can participate and share a certain amount of money. Everyone who registers and makes a deposit during a certain period of time may participate and share the pot. The money can either be distributed as cash with no wagering requirements, or as a bonus that must first be wagered in games.

Free spins
Free casino bonuses without deposit often consist of free spins. How many free spins you get depends on how generous the gaming company is. If you have received free spins in the welcome offer, you can make a number of spins on a selected slot machine completely free of charge. The winnings from these spins can either be paid out as bonus money or as real money. If they are paid out as real money, you do not need to turn over the profit before you can pick it up but can withdraw it immediately.

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