Types of Roulette Games

This game may be the oldest and the game that most people first think of when it comes to casino games. It is also important to know that there are three different variants of roulette: American roulette, European roulette and French roulette. What makes these variants different is that in the American variant of roulette, an extra number has been added, the double zero. When you play the French variant, you have numbers between 1 and 36 plus zero, while in the American there are two zeros, the zero and, as I said, the double zero. This means that it can be somewhat more difficult to win on the American variant because the double zero increases the odds of the house.

Therefore, it can be an advantage for you as a player to play the French variant of roulette with just one zero. European roulette is so called because it is a variant that is played most in our part of the world, it is designed so that you play with the French rules, but the roulette table has the appearance of the American variant.

French roulette: Unfortunately, it is not very common to offer the French version of roulette at a land-based casino as it requires a lot of staff, the table is gigantic and requires that there are always three dealers working there constantly. However, you can always play it online and it is fantastically fun and exciting. When you play this variant at a land-based casino, you also use a rake to push together and move chips after a completed round, plus all bets are on the table in French.

American roulette: In this variant, the roulette table is much smaller and only a dealer is required at the table, there is not quite the same order of the numbers in the wheel as in the French version and there is a double zero. This variant is much more common in land-based casinos therefore.

European roulette: In this variant of roulette, the two above have been mixed and made the simplest possible, the appearance of the American table and the rules of French roulette with just one zero. At a land-based casino, only one dealer is required and this is a very common variant of roulette at land-based casinos. But online you can usually choose between the American and the French because there you are not dependent on location and staff.

When you play the French version of roulette that has the same rules as the European one, you play with a wheel that has 37 colored pockets with numbers between one and thirty-six plus a zero. Usually you are up to eight players standing on the opposite side to the dealer, when you play online you are usually just a player and a dealer. The dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction when all bets have been made. When the ball has stopped after a while in one of the wheel pockets, you know who the big winner is.

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