Variants of slot machines

When you go to a casino, the first thing that catches your eye is the large number of slot machines. These can be found located almost in every point of the various clubs, even in the bars or near the services, so that at any time there is the possibility that the player stops at a machine to play, even if only to deceive a ‘ wait.What has been said is equally true, if not more so, for online casinos , where the massive presence of slots certainly represents the hard core of their entire offer of gambling games, so as to retain already registered enthusiasts and thus attracting additional new players.

In addition to the number of slots available, one of the greatest attractions of online slots is the graphics that characterize them.It must be said that, by now, even the majority of slots available in Play Real Casinos are based on the use of software, which have replaced the real reels and the famous mechanical lever to pull . This change, and evolution at the same time, meant that it was possible to offer a wide variety of combinations of symbols related to even more numerous paylines than the previous ones, which were limited by the very physical structure of the cars.

Another aspect of some slots, which certainly has its weight in distinguishing them from the others, is the presence of a prize pool available to players, the so-called jackpot , which is powered by percentages of the bets made and which can be won at the exit of symbols. the same on the rollers of the machine.The possibility of using software to manage the slot mechanism also allowed the creation of a particular game system.

In fact, by networking between different slot machines it was possible to offer a much more substantial jackpot , called progressive jackpot , as the particular configuration of this mode increases the prize pool with a part of the bets of all connected slots. The first player on any machine to hit the required combination will win the progressive jackpot. Whether we are talking about real or online slot machines, it has been seen that the types of games, or the variants that can be found in a casino, are very similar currently. In fact, it is possible to consider them by grouping them by equal characteristics . We analyze below the main existing variants.

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