Variations of blackjack games

The basic rule in Black Jack online is that the player should receive cards with a value closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand but at the same time not exceed that amount. This rule applies to virtually every variant of Black Jack. There are admittedly single games where the player instead of playing his own hand bets on what the sum will be on the dealer’s hand.

American Black Jack
American and European Black Jack differ from classic Black Jack in two respects. First, they are played with six decks of cards instead of four. Second, the possibility of doubling is more limited in these two variants. In American Blackjack, you can only double your bet if the first two cards are 10 or 11. The only difference between European and American Black Jack is therefore the possibility of doubling the sum 9. The dealer’s Blackjack always trumps the player, and the player loses. Surrender does not exist in this variant of Blackjack.

European Blackjack
The variant that in online casinos usually goes by the name European Blackjack differs from the classic variant in that it is only possible to double the bet if the sum of the player’s first two cards is 9.10 or 11 and that by playing with six decks instead of with four, decks of cards shuffled between each hand. The dealer’s Blackjack trumps the player’s. The only difference from American Blackjack is actually that in European you can double the bet even on 9.

Blackjack Jackpot
With the casino world’s invasion of the Internet, a number of new opportunities were created thanks to networks and digital opportunities. One of these was that more games could be jackpot, and Blackjack was no exception. Blackjack Jackpot is played almost without exception according to classic Blackjack rules. But unlike in regular Blackjack, you not only play against the dealer for the different hands, you also play for the chance to win a cruel jackpot! Just like in other jackpot games, the chance to win a monstrous amount of money gives an extra spice of excitement.

Blackjack with progressive jackpot
Common to Blackjack games with a progressive jackpot is that you as a player are given the chance to make a side bet, usually $10 and up, which is required to also play the jackpot. The side bets that are lost go to a common pot for the game, which means that the jackpot grows quite dramatically over time. In some cases, they can grow to tens of millions of kronor. There are a number of variations on how you as a player can win the jackpot. In Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack you win the jackpot if you get 21 via 3 squares 7.

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