Various Casino Bonuses

The types of casino bonuses are something that is certainly even more personal: some are only interested in free spins, others a generous amount of bonus money and this changes what the player thinks is the best casino games. So can we only find online casinos in our Best Casinos list that offer both free and free deposit spins? No, because free spins are just one type of bonus and we want to give casino players a comprehensive overview of the different types of bonuses and how they affect the gaming experience. Below you will find brief introductions to the various casino bonuses so you can decide which one is to your liking.

Best Free Play Money Bonuses
In ancient times, many online casinos offered their customers benefits in the form of free play money. For many players, free play money would still be the most desired benefit. Where a certain percentage of bonus money is awarded if you make a deposit with real money, free play money is free as the name implies, as no deposit is required to receive it. Sure, the sums are small usually €5 or €10, sometimes rarely a little more but who wouldn’t qualify for even a small amount when they got it for free? In practice, however, the free play money bonus is not available at many online casinos. It takes a long time to search and there are no guarantees of finding it. Unfortunately, years ago, free play money has virtually disappeared from the market almost completely, and the word of the day is currently bonus money, that is, depositing the money received into a gaming account.

Best Free Spin Bonuses
Free spins were a breakthrough in the casino world about 5 years ago. The free rounds used tough conditions at first, but customers didn’t seem to care about this, and the free rounds were consistently among the most popular benefits. Free spins were sought and hunted, no wonder, as they were obtained without a deposit of money just like free play money in the past. The competition among the best online casinos is fierce, and customers naturally sought out the casinos that offered the best benefits on the most favorable terms. In any case, free spins are a great form of bonus benefits, although nowadays they are often accompanied by a wagering requirement. Online casinos offer free spins to thank their loyal customers, but they are often also found as part of the welcome bonus. Many new casinos in particular are offering free spins as an incentive, whether it’s a registration-requiring or instant casino.

Best Welcome Bonuses
With the exception of some pay n ‘play casinos, all online casinos usually offer some sort of best welcome bonus. The competition is fierce, and without any benefits, it would be difficult to attract new players to the casino as customers. In most cases, for example, there is a 100% bonus up to a certain amount of money, but this is not the only option, and by going around a little more casinos you can find much better welcome bonuses as well. Some online casinos are hitting a deposit bonus of up to several hundred percent on the table, making the benefit already significant. At its best, the bonus is not only the first deposit, but also the second and third deposits, and maybe even beyond. When free spins are added to the deposit bonus, we can already talk about a real bonus package, which is undoubtedly a competitive advantage in the casino market.

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