Poker is the new folk sport. The sport permeates the entire society with its contemporary mix between games and reality soap. On TV, you can follow the biggest profiles when they dispute astronomical sums live. Poker has simply become a natural part of our lives.

An alternative to real poker

However, there are options for those who want to avoid the psychological aspect of the game. Many poker players achieve their greatest success by analyzing and gaining a psychological advantage over their opponents. It goes without saying that there must be even more poker players who lose out on entering the battle of the brains and who just want the moment of excitement. For them, there is Video Poker.

Get rid of the scams

When you play Video Poker, you are not playing against a real person and therefore do not have to be fooled by the confectionery. Sure, you can be fooled when playing against a machine as well, but not in the same way. A machine does not bluff and a machine does not read you in the same way as a real opponent does. Video poker means more pure gaming, the psychological aspect is filtered out and a pure form of gaming poker emerges. A more individual game.

Many varieties

There are many Variations of Video Poker. The most common variant is “Jacks or better”, where the minimum requirement to advance is that you have pairs of jacks or higher. This places demands on tactical feeling as it is easy to aim too high and miss advancement completely. Since the basic precondition for moving forward is that you have more than a pair of jacks, you must always try to exceed this, no matter how small the dividend. Because once you have passed the first stage of the game, you can start doubling.

Think about it

However, it should be added that it is easy to rush when it is time to double your current profit. If you only have pairs of jacks, it hardly makes sense not to double because the dividend will then be minimal. At the same time, it is a fairly large risk you take if you double with a good hand in the back. A good hand pays more in dividends and it does not always have to be right to double just because you intend to do it from the beginning.