VIP Programs

Online casinos have many different ways to reward players who play hard and / or a lot with them. Where different welcome packs attract new customers, VIP programs aim to keep customers in the future as customers of the same site. In this respect, they serve the same purpose as bonus campaigns – the approach is just different. Traditionally, loyalty and VIP Programs have been entered by playing for a certain amount of euro for a certain specified period of time, usually one month.

The program can indicate directly the amount of bet that entitles you to access a certain VIP level or, for example, the number of casino points. In some guidelines, the amounts or points required to reach the highest or highest levels may not be public or predefined information. Casino points, or bonus points, are usually earned by wagering, but can also be earned through a variety of achievements, such as testing as many different game manufacturer games as possible, participating in tournaments, or providing customer service feedback.

Rewarding programs for gaming often include different levels. There can be up to ten of these: the higher the level, the better the benefits for the player at that level. We discuss the various benefits of VIP programs in more detail under the heading “What do I benefit from VIP membership?” below.

Other casinos have abandoned traditional VIP programs altogether, even if they had previously offered them. For example, all investments may have been replaced by even cash back programs. Especially an online casino without registration offers these cash back benefits instead of traditional loyalty programs. Usually, the VIP programs that offer the best benefits can be found in large casinos that have been on the market for several years: they simply have more money (more players) and wider networks of partners.

• VIP programs reward a lot of gaming customers
• They allow casinos to keep customers
• Programs often include different levels
• VIP programs have been replaced in various ways
• Casinos that have been in the market for longer have often had better VIP benefits

The best VIP programs at online casinos may offer top-tier customers even quite valuable rewards in the form of goods or services: travel abroad and electronics products are standard benefits for high-roller players at the highest levels. Travel prizes tend to be all-inclusive trips, sometimes trips can even include a program offered by a casino partner, for example:-

• Fast withdrawals and deposits are typical benefits
• The VIP player can benefit from exclusive bonuses
• Admission tickets at the highest levels, even travel fees

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