What are jackpot games?

Jackpot games, In addition to normal winnings, these games distribute either fixed or progressive jackpots to their players, which can amount to several million euros. Often common to these slots is a clear bonus game through which the jackpot is won. In some games, on the other hand, the bonus game is reached by collecting certain symbols or elements. There are many options and the jackpot game is ultimately determined by the game maker who created it. Of course, there are maximum winnings in normal slot games, which live according to the level of wagering, for example, but in jackpot games, the jackpot is often clearly announced in advance.

We can divide jackpot games into three different categories: progressive, fixed and daily jackpot games. There are also casino-specific or network-wide games. We’ll take a closer look at all of these below so you can find the option that works best for you. Each game has its pros and cons but what is certain is that the winnings are much higher than normal.

We live in a world where everything needs to get as fast as possible. Although millions of euros are distributed in the biggest games, it is usually possible to grab them every few months or even six months. Patience is therefore required. However, if waiting isn’t your thing, then let’s introduce: Red Tiger Gaming’s daily jackpots. Slots work on the same principle as other progressive games. As players roll through the game maker’s daily jackpot games, the total goes up at a brisk pace. There are over 50 slots in the category, so every casino player is guaranteed to find a roll to enjoy.

There are a total of three different levels in the games. The daily jackpot is guaranteed to be triggered every day of the week before midnight and is growing all the time. Indeed, many casinos have taken Red Tiger’s daily jackpots into their range and have become really popular. In addition to the daily jackpots, there is a Super Jackpot on offer, which will not be triggered every day, but will always pop up before €100,000 is reached. However, it clicks several times a week. Last but not least are the Mega Jackpots, which work in the same way as normal progressive millionaire games, meaning the prizes are higher but less frequently distributed. So if you are interested in daily jackpots, we have listed below all the best casinos that offer them.

We mentioned earlier that some jackpot games may be casino-specific and some may be network-specific. In practice, this means that in some games only the rounds played at that casino are taken into account, while in others the rounds played by all the casinos that have the game are taken into account. If that jackpot game is specific to an online casino, its stake will increase solely from the rounds rolled by the players on that site. As a result, the pot rises much more slowly, but fewer players are sharing the main win. Most progressive jackpot games are network specific. So these are two separate games, but they have a common pot. So the rounds in both games increase the pot and you can get the main payout from either slot.

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