Casino bonus online

That casinos give out bonuses is nothing new. But for you who are new or may be experienced players, it can be good to keep track of the basics. Generally, you get a sum of bonus money depending on how much you deposit and you can also on free spins. Then there are a lot of different bonus terms that determine if you can get the casino bonus and what it takes to turn it into cash. Basically, new casinos hand out bonuses to attract new players. It gives you an opportunity to try out the casino and see if you want to continue playing there or not.

Why do casinos hand out bonuses?
As we mentioned earlier, the casino offers bonuses to get new players. But it can feel a little strange that online casinos are handing things out for free like that. This is solved by the casino by using a variety of bonus terms. Even though you get bonus money from casinos, you can not withdraw any money until you have met all the conditions.

Bonus terms to keep track of
There are some key terms that you need to know about when you receive a bonus at a new casino. The first is the minimum deposit you need to make to receive your bonus. generally, this is 100-200 but it can also go up to 500. In some cases, you can get a deposit bonus, but to get free spins on slot machines, you need to make a larger deposit.

Virtually all casino bonuses come with a wagering condition. It works so that you need to turn over your bonus money a certain amount of times before it is converted into real money. In general, the wagering requirement is between 20x and 40x the bonus. It may sound like a lot, but keep in mind that you win money a little now and then that you continue to play for.

Even casinos without an account give out bonuses
When you play at a casino without registration, you can of course receive bonuses here as well. Just like at other casinos, you can get deposit bonuses with bonus money and free spins. You can also get completely non-turnover bonuses if you are lucky. In the beginning, when casinos without registration came, many of them did not give out any deposit bonuses. Nowadays, it is about as common in casinos without an account as in other casinos. You can usually find information about a casino’s bonuses already on the front page. After all, it is one of their strongest marketing strategies.

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