Win Progressive jackpots

Even if you should never expect a profit when playing casino, it is still the temptation to win real money that appeals. If you want to win really big, it is definitely a progressive jackpot that you should choose. Namely, it is the type of game that has paid out the biggest wins over the years. Progressive jackpots are therefore extremely popular among players right now. There are several different options on the theme so you just have to pick and choose from the range available. Find a progressive jackpot today and spin with a chance at the millions. Maybe you’re the next player to get a life-changing win.

This is how a progressive jackpot works
Progressive jackpots have been taken by storm. But how does the game really work and what distinguishes a jackpot from regular slots? The big difference with a progressive jackpot is that the game maker takes a portion of the turnover and puts in a jackpot. Since the most popular machines have thousands if not millions of players every day, some jackpots increase to amounts of more than kronor 100 million.

Popular slots with jackpots
There are some progressive jackpots that are more popular than others among casinos. A large number of players means that the turnover is large and thus they can offer really big jackpots to their players. The options for you are therefore many, but if you do not have a good grasp, we have made it easier for you by listing some of the most popular jackpot games on the market. You can find even more slot machines and jackpots if you already know the ones we wrote about.

Mega Fortune
When you play on Mega Fortune, you have a chance to win really sick sums. In the list of highest wins of all time, Mega Fortune is found on three occasions. That if anything says a lot about how big and popular the slot machine is. The symbols in Mega Fortune scream luxury and prosperity. Among other things, you will find cigars, banknote clips and limousines. Try Mega Fortune if you want a nice playing time with nerve-wracking excitement.

Mega Moolah
This safari-themed slot from Africa, along with Mega Fortune, is the most popular progressive jackpot. That is why many people like to play Mega Moolah. You can try Mega Moolah for free if you want by playing in demo mode. The downside is that you can not win real money, which removes the charm of a progressive jackpot. Try Mega Moolah today and spin towards the big win. The game comes from British Microgaming.

Hall of Gods
When benefit and pleasure are combined, the result is usually good. Hall of Gods is a shining example of this where you get a history lesson in Nordic mythology while you can win millions. Join an adventure with Odin, Thor and the other Asa gods. If you are lucky, you may be able to score the jackpot, which to say the least gives nice wins. Try it today and experience the fun of the Hall of Gods today.

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