Wins Casino bonuses 2021

Online casinos often attract customers by offering a variety of bonuses, and bonuses are an integral part of the online casino experience. They are an effective and visible way to gain new customers, but they also work to increase the customer satisfaction of old customers. For players, they bring more play money, risk-free ways to win, free new casino games, and more. It is therefore a win-win situation for both parties. Bonuses are awarded as both one-time benefits and ongoing fixed offers. The benefits they bring are worth the money, and as a rule, casino bonuses are worth taking advantage of while playing. We will help you find the best bonuses on the best terms.

Welcome bonus: New players often get to enjoy the welcome bonus, which brings good benefits over the first deposit. As one of the most important weapons in casinos in attracting the attention of new customers, welcome bonuses are usually larger in size than other bonuses. They can bring, for example, bonus money, free spins or even lottery tickets and free bets. Only the imagination of casinos is the limit to what kind of welcome bonuses can be!

Sign-up bonus: New players may be offered a sign-up bonus that can only be redeemed by creating a game account. So you don’t have to deposit a penny of your own money in front of it, which makes these types of bonuses very popular. The sign-up bonus often brings in free spins, but sometimes it can even include pure free play money. The sums are, of course, very moderate, but it is still a profitable advantage.

Deposit bonus: Deposit bonuses are distributed to both new and old players. The new player deposit bonus can only be redeemed once, but Reload bonuses, ie deposit bonuses for old players, can be offered on an ongoing basis. Usually, the deposit bonus adds a certain percentage of play money over your own deposit. For example, the 100% deposit bonus often seen in casinos doubles the deposit, the 200% bonus triples and so on.

Free spins: Many online casinos offer free spins in the form of various bonuses. They can be obtained, for example, as a registration bonus, a welcome pack or a deposit bonus, and can be used to reward race winnings or lotteries. The value of free spins is usually a few tens of cents per spin, but sometimes Mega and Super Spins with higher values are also available. Free spin winnings are usually recyclable bonus money, so you should take a look at the terms in advance. However, it is also possible for you to find completely free recycling spins whose winnings can be cashed out immediately.

Free play money: Some new online casinos are giving away free deposit money to their customers as a welcome offer. It allows new players to explore the casino and its offerings without having to risk their own money. At the same time, however, the customer gets a virtually free opportunity to grab real profits. In some cases, free play money is also distributed to loyal players, for example in loyalty programs or as a gift.

Cashback: Cashbacks are a different way of giving bonuses. When other bonuses are made available for play, cashback can be redeemed after play. This is a certain percentage that will be refunded to you for any money you lose at the casino. Often, the cashback is recyclable money that can therefore be replayed immediately or withdrawn immediately. Thanks to the free spin, this is also a popular bonus type for casinos based on the Pay N Play payment method developed by Trustly, which is based on fast withdrawals as well as uncomplicated gaming.

VIP program: VIP programs are a great way to reward loyal and active players. They are multi-level programs where the player can progress by collecting points, for example. Points can be collected, for example, by playing certain games or just playing games on the site. Benefits from VIP programs can include, for example, additional deposit bonuses and free spins, increasing cashback percentages, and product gifts. You should check out the program for your favorite website, as the benefits can grow significantly!

Highroller bonus: Highroller players, that is, players who spend more money than usual in casinos, of course, want Highroller bonuses! These are bonuses that are especially useful when depositing large sums of money. They can be, for example, deposit bonuses with a maximum limit of thousands of euros. Highroller players can also enjoy higher than normal cash returns. Such bonuses can be found especially in those casinos that have profiled themselves as Highroller gaming sites.

Bonus codes: Online casinos also offer bonuses through various bonus codes. These are the codes you enter into the casino when you make a deposit, and in exchange, you get benefits like bonus money, free spins or something like that. The codes vary and are often campaign-like you can find real gems among them! You can find the codes through the Casino Experience as well as on the site’s own campaign pages, and they can also be sent with a marketing message.

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