Your Ultimate Roulette Guide

Roulette is popular both at online casinos, as well as at physical casinos. Here are the most basic rules that apply to roulette games. The rules are pretty much the same whether you play physically or at an online casino.First of all, you need to choose which variant or type of roulette game you want to bet on. There are different Types of Roulette that you can play on. There are only small differences applicable to the different types. For example, you can choose between a French, American or European version.As a player, you play by placing your chips inside the playing area next to the roulette wheel. The wheel itself has numbered and colored pockets. 37 pockets for European and French roulette.

39 pockets in American roulette.The croupier then spins the wheel clockwise, or if it is online, the wheel is spun by the computer. A silver-colored small ball is then thrown into the wheel, which spins counterclockwise. You bet on which pocket or combination of pockets the ball will land on. If you guess correctly, you can win anything between 2x and 35x your bet.The felt-covered playing field next to the wheel provides opportunities for a variety of bets. As a beginner, it is easiest to bet on variants that double your bet in profit. It is also easiest to understand to begin with because it is simpler and there is a greater chance of winning.

This means that you play on either black or red numbers or on odd or even numbers .Other simple games at Roulette include betting on the top, middle or bottom thirds of the numbers, which on winning triples your bet of money. If, on the other hand, you are interested in taking some risks, you can bet on a single number. The chance of winning is of course significantly less, which goes without saying, but on the other hand, this bet pays 35x times again on winnings.

Here is a list of the steps you need to go through before you can play roulette.

Choose which type or variant of Roulette you want to bet on (go to all Roulette options and variants)
Decide how big your bet should be and on what color or number
The game begins! The croupier spins the ball into the roulette wheel
The ball ends up in one of the pockets in the wheel
If you bet correctly, you will win. The size of your win depends on the odds of the Roulette you have played
The game is over and a new round can start

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