Live roulette is part of the live casino, which has only existed in online casinos for a few years, but has spread very quickly and is enjoying increasing and great popularity. It’s now even more popular than the RNG tables. We can understand that well. Live roulette, or live tables in general, give you the opportunity to enjoy the most realistic casino atmosphere possible at home.

There are no random number generators controlled by computers here, but real groupiers and real real opponents.When it comes to live roulette, we distinguish between two forms: studio live roulette tables, and land-based casino roulette tables with live stream. We explain the difference to you!

Studio Live Roulette

Almost all of the live roulette tables in Online Casinos are studio tables. So they are streamed from a studio of the game developer. This studio has several rooms for each table so that there is no background noise. In the same studio, not only roulette, but also blackjack, baccarat and the like are streamed next door. You will be served by a real groupier with whom you can communicate via your keyboard. As soon as all players at the table have placed their bets, the game starts and the wheel is spun.

Land based casino roulette

Land-based live roulette is yet another story. There is no studio here to stream from. Instead, the tables are located in real, land-based casinos that provide extra space for streaming. This means that you can play from home, for example in the casino . Crazy! The pioneer in this is the game manufacturer Authentic Gaming. So, if you like this type of live casino, find an online casino that has authentic gaming games!

The advantage of roulette is that it is relatively easy to learn. Even if there are many different bets, all you have to do is place your chips on number / color etc and see where the ball lands. After all players have placed their bets, the croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball, which then remains in one of the pockets. Here you get a number from 1-36, as well as a color (black or red). You have now either won or lost; the pay table below shows the main types of bets and payouts.

Why not? There are many good reasons for online roulette! On the one hand you save time because you don’t have to drive to a land-based casino, on the other hand you have a lot of freedom and flexibility and can get started almost around the clock. In addition, you will find many more roulette tables in an online casino than in your casino around the corner, and if you are not living in a metropolis, these are even more chic online.

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