There are many varieties of casino bonuses, but the vast majority of these bonuses have strict requirements attached to them, with the most common requirement being wagering requirements. This means that the total value of the bonus must be played through a number of times before you own the money. This requirement is often very high, and you may have a short time to reach the turnover requirement. You can also not make withdrawals from the casino account until the requirement is met, at least not if you want to keep the bonus money. Casino Bonuses with no wagering requirements are bonus money or free spins where you do not have to play through the bonus value before you can withdraw winnings. The most common form of casino bonus with no wagering requirements is free spins.

Free spins that you get in the bonus rarely have a high value, therefore you will not win big wins on such spins, but it is an advantage if you actually get the winnings without having to trade them. Rarely can you also come across bonuses where you get money with no wagering requirements. This money can of course be used much freer than free spins, as free spins are always linked to specific games. Bonus money with no wagering requirements can be offered to new players or they can be part of the casino’s reward system for established players. In the case of loyalty bonuses, the amount will often be quite small, and you may need to collect loyalty points to receive the bonus.

If the money comes as a welcome bonus, the amount can be higher and you must of course be a new player at the relevant casino, as welcome bonuses are a one-time offer that will attract new players to the casino. Although the casino bonus with no wagering requirements does not actually have wagering requirements, there may be other terms attached to the bonus. For example, you may have to play through and lose your entire own deposit before the bonus money is activated. Other times, the bonus money is locked in the player’s account, so the money can never be withdrawn.

This is of course to prevent new players from establishing an account and then withdrawing the bonus money without playing at the casino. Money locked in the player account can only be used to play for. However, you can withdraw the winnings you win with the bonus money. Often a bonus that is locked into the player account is larger, as the casino knows that the money can only be used to play, and this is perhaps the best form of bonus money with no wagering requirements.

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