Craps is one of the most exciting casino games to be offered in land-based and online casinos in 2024. The game is more exciting and emotional than almost any other, regardless of whether you are playing with your friends at the craps table in Las Vegas or virtually on the Internet. The dice game has numerous betting options and so there are also many options for using strategies and tricks. Here with us, you can Play Craps Online for free, making it easy and risk-free to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game.

Craps, sometimes also called Dice or Seven Eleven, is a dice game that is played with a table specially designed for the game and two sharp-edged dice. On the table there is a tableau on which the players can place their bets. The player whose turn it is to throw the dice is called the shooter. All players at the table place bets on the results of the dice and enjoy a small house advantage of only 1.41% with the standard bet Pass or Don’t Pass on the shooter or the bank. There are also numerous special bets.

With the multitude of different betting options, there are of course a lot to consider when playing craps in a real casino or online. Our experts have four important tips that you should definitely follow while playing craps.

Stick to the Pass and Don’t Pass or Come and Don’t Come bets

With these bets you enjoy a particularly low house edge of only 1.40 or 1.41%. All other special bets have at least a house edge of 1.52% (6 or 8) through 5.61% ( field ) up to 16.7% (bet on 7 ).

Use the additional bets Odds Bets

If you have bet on pass and the shooter has thrown a point, you can make particularly advantageous bets for the subsequent second round. You can bet on 4 or 10 to 2: 1, 5 or 9 to 3: 2 and 6 or 8 to 6: 5 in most craps games. Take advantage of these bets as they are offered to you without the casino’s house edge.

Stay away from hard way bets

The hard way bets are just as disadvantageous as the so-called one roll bets (Crap 2, Crap 3, 7, 11, Crap 12, Any Crap). With these bets, you are betting on a specific double falling before a seven or all of the double’s in another combination. If you bet on 5-5 you lose with a 7 or a 6-4 combination. These bets are way too unprofitable with a house edge between 9.1 and 11.1%.

Never bet on Big 6 or Big 8

Big 6 or Big 8 is exactly the same bet as betting on a “normal” 6 or 8 as a place bet, with the difference that you only get a 1: 1 and no better 7: 6 payout. So always use the normal betting field with the 6 or 8 to place your chips on it.

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