Video poker machines are available in land-based casinos and gaming houses around the world. The poker machines are particularly popular because they have better chances of winning in games like Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better than in all other casino games. We explain how you can Play Video Poker successfully and introduce you to the most popular games. Video poker is played according to the rules of draw poker. First you place your bet and receive five cards in return. Now you can manually choose which of the cards you want to hold. All other cards that are not marked can be exchanged by clicking on “Start” again. After this second round of the game, settlement will take place and you will receive your winnings if you are successful.

The winnings are based on the winnings table and most of the time you need at least one high pair to win a prize.If you want to play video poker successfully, you should make sure that you always choose the highest probability of winning. Only if you always make the optimal decision will you benefit from the high payout percentages between 99 and 101% of video poker games online.With this strategy table you will learn how to play video poker optimally. Take a look at the table after your first hand is dealt. Compare the different options you have with your hand against our Video Poker Chart and always choose the option that is higher up in the list.

For example, if you have 7-7-8-9-10, you should always hold 7-7 and swap the other three cards, as a low pair is higher on the list (15th place) than the 4-card straight without a high Card (seat 16).Even if all video poker games work on the same principle and are based on the rules of 5 Card Draw Poker, there are different game variants that have certain special features. With the special rules such as additional jokers or the specified minimum strength of a hand in order to receive a win, the house edge of the casino and thus your chances of winning also change. We will introduce you to the individual game variants so that you can quickly find a video poker online machine that promises you a good chance of winning.

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