Poker is one of the first games of chance , born on the boats that sailed the waters of the Mississippi centuries ago. Ever since, it has always been a much loved and played game all over the world. One of its peculiarities is to take advantage of the bluff (deception), that is to be able to “deceive” the opponent by making him believe he has an important point to make him yield.With the rise of video poker, game purists turn up their noses a bit, as it lacks the interaction between players and the sense of the original game itself. However, in hindsight, video poker has in fact maintained the essence of the original poker and its game mechanism : you place your bet only at the beginning of the game, you receive the cards, you choose which ones to replace or not, and in the end the scores are evaluated.

Therefore, although, for obvious reasons, it does not have those characteristics that distinguish the original game, namely the interaction with other players and therefore the raises of the bets and so on, video poker still requires a certain skill and experience on the part. of the player , who has to choose whether to stand or change cards in an attempt to get the highest possible score.Precisely this too simple mechanism, if we can say so, has contributed to its success and rapid diffusion in all gambling establishments and, above all, in casinos.

From its presence in real casinos to online ones, the step was short, and now anyone can experience the thrill of video poker even in the different and fun variants proposed .In fact, the major online casino sites , which, in addition to fun, also guarantee safety for responsible gaming, thanks to the presence of a specific license for online gambling and reliable payment methods that give the possibility to keep the sure both your budget and your personal data, they all offer the full range of video poker variations.

With the advancement of technology, video poker can be played not only online, but also on various portable devices. Players have the ability to have fun at any time and place using their smartphones or tablets . Usually, it doesn’t matter if you choose to play in an online casino or a mobile version, the goal of the game is the same, you use the same gaming account and the graphics are just as good.

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