These scratch games are a bit like slot machines because they allow you to quickly get the result of a draw like a lottery game. It is necessary to know the rules well to increase your probabilities of winning and to choose well, do not hesitate to choose the free scratch game that suits you. Scratch games, or scratch cards, are one of the newer forms of entertainment Rant Casino Online. Since its creation, followers number now in the millions. But did you know how this game came to be? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the history of scratch cards. And then if you want to know more about their uses, you could start by learning the rules of scratch cards .

Lottery games have existed for thousands of years, but it is difficult to trace their origin. Scratch games, which are a more specific category of lottery games, were marketed at the start of the 20th century. The name refers to the cardboard format that was used from the start, and is still used for real life cards today. The resistant paper thus composed of a grid represented a real revolution at the time. Already, the symbol-filled content could be revealed by scratching the surface with a coin.

The game became a very popular genre with games due to its ease and simplicity. However, remember that lottery games did not appear until the 16th century. The scratch card was invented in 1974 in the US, the pioneer of gambling. The idea came from two Americans, one of whom was a computer scientist named John Koza, who graduated from the University of Michigan, and the other, Daniel Bower, was a specialist in retail promotions.

The experiment was funded by Scientific Games, the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. The main objective was to provide a game with instant results. Interested in the concept, Rhode Island-based Astro Med Incorporation attempted to market the first card in 1987. The product was patented under the brand name. The development of the ticket then resulted in instant winnings and worked using a nationally executed design method. The famous cards did not wait long to flood the small newsstands and the majority of casinos .

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